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4 LNG to power projects
7/28/2018 8:27:00 PM

To perform the development of projects by ways of negotiate with the respective organizations, planning for strategy and road map is making by Sector Coordination Group, to emphasize the sustainable power generation including financial and technical issues,

MOEE has signed MOU (Notice to Proceed) for 4 LNG projects on 30.1.2018 to produce about 3000 MW. Besides, for the remaining electrified 30 million peoples in our country, MOEE would be promote the existing National Grid Line and construct 500 kV Line for enough supply of electricity.

For these projects, MOEE will need grants and concessional loans from Sector Coordination Group attended this meeting .Therefore, MOEE invites them to invest in construction of gas pipe line projects. From this meeting, MOEE believes that this meeting would have outcome of the best way and plan in financial sectors, for development of electricity and energy sectors.

And then, MOEE shows LNG to power projects introduction video.