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Optical Sensing Limited

Optical Sensing Limited (OSL) is a Hong Kong based company. We are located in Science Park, Shatin. We specialise in research, development, manufacture, marketing and provisioning of advanced monitoring / surveillance solutions including Distributed Temperature Sensing solution. We have in-depth knowledge of the operational requirements of different industries; and how our solutions can be deployed to greatly enhance our Clients¡¯ operations. We provide full service and comprehensive after-sales support. Our solutions have wide range of applications in power network, gas / oil pipeline, sewage system, in-building electrical systems, HVAC applications and geology / hydrology. 
Our Solution 
Our Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) solution makes use of ordinary fibre optic cable to measure the temperature of a host system of up to 10km long (e.g. power cable, oil/gas pipeline, subway tunnel) by attachment of the optical cables along the host system. The temperature data will then be processed by our proprietary knowledge based data analysis algorithm. The results are industry specific intelligence that the Clients can rely on to monitor and predict the operations status of the host system and potential failures.