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Teradata helps companies get more value from data than any other company. Our big data analytic solutions, integrated marketing applications, and team of experts can help your company gain a sustainable competitive advantage with data.  Teradata helps organizations leverage all of their data so they can know more about their customers and business and do more of what¡¯s really important. With more than 10,000 professionals in 43 countries, Teradata empowers organizations to become data-driven businesses that exploit data for insight and value. More than 2,500 customers worldwide span industries including automotive and industrial; communications; consumer goods; e-commerce; financial services; government; healthcare and life sciences; hospitality and gaming; insurance; manufacturing; media and entertainment; oil and gas; retail; transportation, distribution, and logistics; travel; and utilities. 

A future-focused company, Teradata has driven innovation for thirty-five years. Teradata¡¯s workload-specific platforms integrate an organization¡¯s data into a unified view of the business. Our database software includes the unparalleled Teradata? Database, and, for big data analytics, the Teradata Aster? Discovery Platform and Hadoop Portfolio.  The unique Teradata Unified Data Architecture? helps customers discover and operationalize insights by integrating multiple technologies, including Hadoop, into a robust, hybrid architecture. Teradata¡¯s marketing and analytic applications¡ªavailable on premise or in the cloud ¨C leverage data to improve marketing effectiveness, determine profitability, and forecast demand. These powerful solutions, along with years of hands-on experience working with the world¡¯s leading enterprises, enable customers to maximize the value of their data and serve their customers better. Teradata is recognized for technological excellence, sustainability, corporate social responsibility, ethics, and business value.  Visit teradata.com.